Vision & Mission


“Rooted in Christ and committed to the poor, this Jesuit institution in partnership with the people of goodwill, strives to form men and women for others. With our motto ‘Faith and Toil’, we aim to impart holistic formation to our students with academic excellence, value-based leadership, critical thinking, innovative spirit, ecological concern, accomplishment in sports and games and commitment to justice. These institutions uphold respect for all religions, cultures and languages; promote national integration, democratic values and human rights. While assisting our students in their integral formation in a safe and nurturing environment, we place greater emphasis on developing compassionate hearts by fostering habits of personal prayer, reflection and service for the greater glory of God”


“St Joseph’s Indian Institutions are dedicated to form men and women of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment, to build a just and humane society.”

Core Values

Faith in God, Academic Excellence, Preferential option for the poor, Integral Formation, Lay - Jesuit Collaboration, Value based Leadership